installing UV-C Lighting in mechanical systems


Air Force One is continuously monitoring updates on the COVID-19 outbreak. Currently, our offices remain open and our staff is available to perform services at your facility. Please rest assured that our technicians are taking additional safety precautions so that we can maintain services and keep your facilities systems performing at optimal levels.

It is important to note that indoor air quality (IAQ) plays a significant role in reducing the effects of harmful pathogens. While there are various ways to improve IAQ, research suggests that UV-C light can significantly lessen the spread of bacteria, germs, fungi, and virus’ such as COVID-19. There are various research articles related to the benefits of utilizing UV-C lighting to disinfect air systems and indoor spaces. A few that our team found most helpful can be found here:

Placement of these lighting systems is extremely important to ensure their effectiveness. The Air Force One team has the capabilities and technical expertise to provide these services immediately. We are committed to keeping your indoor environment safe and minimizing the potential impact of harmful pathogens on your business. The benefits of installing UV-C lighting in your mechanical systems extend far beyond the current circumstances.

Should you have questions, or wish to inquire about installing UV-C lighting in your mechanical systems, please email Director of Building Automation and Energy Management, Brian Taylor at btaylor@airforceone.com.