Air Force One Sponsors Greater Cleveland Partnership Annual Meeting

Air Force One is a supporting sponsor of the Greater Cleveland Partnership Annual Meeting, to be held on Wednesday, April 2 from 4:00 to 7:15 p.m. at the Cleveland Convention Center. The keynote speaker will be Governor John Kasich.

The program will include:

  • An overview of the GCP’s impact from the past 10 years
  • A discussion of priorities for 2014
  • Confirmation of the election of Directors to the GCP Board
  • Special presentation: Commission on Economic Inclusion Best-in-Class Awards

For more information on the event and to purchase tickets, visit their website here: http://www.gcpartnership.com/Find-an-Event/~/link.aspx?_id=7ED11D30687D4CFE8131595D0A7037CD&_z=z