Air Force One Northeast Division Receives ABC Excellence Award!

The Excellence in Construction Awards celebration honors the nation’s most innovative and high quality construction projects, safety programs and diversity programs. The Air Force One team in our Northeast Division submitted their project with Wellington High School and received both the First Tier Award of Merit as well as the Excellence Award in the category of Institutional Projects.
Wellington High School is a 60,000 sq. ft. building that was built in 1970 supported only by heating and with no allotment for any cooling features. Air Force One was asked to provide a design-build solution that would offer an energy efficient system to generate both heating and cooling with an extremely limited budget. This project needed to be approved, financed and completed before the school year began.
This project translates into much needed bottom line cost savings for the district. All in all, the Wellington School District is thrilled with this project and we hope others can benefit by us sharing this experience and the successes drawn from the project.”
– Tom Wulfhoop, Business Manager, Wellington Schools
CASE STUDY: Wellington Schools Project