Air Force One Celebrates Field Associates with HVAC Technician Appreciation Month

As you may already be aware, HVAC technicians can brave extremely uncomfortable conditions during the summertime which makes June 22nd the perfect date for National HVAC Technician Appreciation Day. However, at Air Force One we just couldn’t limit appreciating our technicians to a single day, so we celebrate our amazing HVAC technicians ALL MONTH LONG!

Our technicians worked as essential employees throughout the course of the pandemic, even as businesses around Ohio closed their doors. Now they are working tirelessly to help building owners ensure proper system operation as they begin to welcome back occupants while also preparing to face the summer heat. Here at Air Force One we want to make sure that our technicians know their hard work does not go unnoticed!

Throughout the month of June, we have had various special activities planned to thank our technicians for being an integral part of our team. From Tech Trivia Tuesdays with prizes, raffle drawings for donated tools, and special branded gifts to simply saying “thank you” anytime we see them, we hope these small acts of gratitude make a huge impact.

The ability to control the temperature of a building is a luxury we take for granted until we lose that ability. Due to their skillset and the availability of cutting-edge technology, HVAC technicians have the ability to keep our HVAC systems running efficiently. Air Force One, Custom Air and Fitzenrider are extremely fortunate to have such a great team of technicians – we very literally could not do our job without them! Please join us in celebrating all HVAC technicians not only today on National HVAC Technician Appreciation Day, but throughout this month and over the summer. Don’t forget to thank them for keeping us comfortable and safe, always.

To our AFO/Custom Air/Fitzenrider Technicians – THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO, EVERY DAY! 

There is an intense need for qualified HVAC techs across the United States. Homes, schools, hospitals, office buildings and factories typically need HVAC attention and work at any given time. A 4% industry growth in employment rates of HVAC Techs is expected by 2029. Employers are struggling to find qualified technicians with excellent trouble shooting, computer, and electronic skills.

Air Force One is currently hiring technicians in all of our 7 locations throughout Ohio. If you, or someone you know, is interested in joining the HVAC industry please reach out to our recruiter Zach Thompson at zthompson@airforceone.com.

Air Force One is a Dublin-based commercial HVAC & facilities services provider specializing in preventive maintenance, energy conservation and total facility automation. With six offices throughout the State of Ohio, Air Force One is conveniently located to provide the support and services their clients need. From holistic, design-build projects to mechanical systems installations to proactive maintenance plans, Air Force One partners with clients to get and keep buildings performing at optimal levels.

For more information, visit www.airforceone.com. You can also follow us on LinkedInFacebook, InstagramTwitter and Youtube.

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  1. This is the reaosn why HVAC is very essential. HVAC systems help you achieve more savings when it comes to energy bills. Gone are the days where we used fans and old-school air conditioners to feel cooler inside a building or fireplaces to keep us warmer. We also don’t have to waste energy when we forget to turn them off at night because modern HVACs are now automatic.