AFO Webinar Series


Indoor Air Quality & Workplace

Health/Safety Post COVID-19


Air Force One understands that the health and safety of employees, clients, subcontractors, and vendors is your top priority as businesses begin to re-open. Prioritizing decisions that improve indoor environmental quality is a necessary and important way to demonstrate how an organization is putting people first.

We want to help you ensure a safe work environment at your facilities. During this webinar we are going to walk you through a few of our recommendations for improving indoor air quality and disinfecting the workplace.

Join our team as we discuss optimizing and enhancing your mechanical systems with solutions such as UV-C light and photohydroionization which can lessen the spread of bacteria, germs, fungi, and virus’ such as COVID-19 far beyond the current circumstances.

PANELISTS: Click on each head-shot for bio information.

Brian Taylor
Director of Building Automation


Austin Nutter
Building Automation Account Executive

Moderator: Brittney Castle, Marketing & Communications Manager

Audience: building owners, facility managers, office buildings, CEO, CFO, COO, sustainability managers